This site is based on my own opinion, enhanced by research and quotes of actual endometriosis specialists that are freely available on the internet. It is not meant to be interpreted as medical advice. The information on these pages are from personal experiences and testimonials, as well as reading, research and medical articles and research papers. I have echoed my beliefs based on my own experiences, mistakes and subsequent decisions, and they are not meant to be taken as expert, professional or medical advice. ALWAYS see a doctor, ALWAYS do your own research and NEVER believe anything anyone tells you! I pay homage and thanks to all the endometriosis specialist physicians that I have included on this site. I hold them in high esteem and thank them for the dedication and commitment to endometriosis sufferers everywhere. I hope they do not object to my quoting them, and that they realise in doing so, I am merely seeking to perpetuate their knowledge and commitment to excision surgery.