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Been prescrined Lupron? Here's something you should know:


In the words of Dr. Redwine: I have seen hundreds of patients for endometriosis surgery who have been treated previously with Lupron. Since I don't see the Lupron success stories, my impression is that the side effects and expense of Lupron far outweigh any benefits.


The most important thing to remember about Lupron is that it does not eradicate endometriosis. All it does is treat symptoms temporarily. Because of this, Lupron and other forms of medical therapy are a cliche, because society is often asking physicians why don't they treat the cause of disease rather than the symptoms of the disease. The Lupron only treats the symptoms.


Doctors who primarily use Lupron to treat endometriosis are not experts in the treatment of the disease, and I say this because this is what TAP pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Lupron, says: Any doctor or nurse can prescribe Lupron and so prescribing Lupron removes the expert from the treatment of endometriosis.

Synthetic hormones


Synthetic hormones are exactly that....synthetic, meaning they are not natural or in harmony with your body. Many, if not most of them, can have severe side effects, some never going away. Hormones will NEVER cure endometriosis. They don't even treat endometriosis...they merely mask the symptoms, often temporarily, and they don't even do a very good job of that.


Birth Control Pills

One thing to remember, is that endometriosis is an estrogen-fed disease, meaning that it feeds and thrives from even tiny amounts of Estrogen.