Update 2013

From desperation to belief

Ladies, it's been a long time since I have updated this page. I want to apologize to those of you who may have written to me and did not receive a reply. It's been a traumatic year. My job has become even more difficult and demanding, I have been completing my degree, I went through a divorce and my health has taken a sharp decline. My dedication to helping solve this disease had waned and I had become victim to complacency. Somehow I felt that this disease was just too strong, that I could never win, and that I might as well lay down and take whatever it deemed it would do to me.

However, in this past year I have learned something that I feel is of such great importance, that if I did not share it, I would be doing my fellow sufferers a disservice.

My initial exposure to this revelation was several years ago, when out of desperation, I visited the author of Endometriosis: A Key to Healing Through Nutrition, Dian Shepperson Mills, a nutritionist at the Hale Clinic in London. So profoundly touched and motivated was I by her book that I had to meet this woman who was able to offer hope to the hopeless, and made so much sense that not even so-called expert surgeons could compare. What followed was some experimentation with food that I will not deny was difficult and challenging for someone living in the western world and who is bombarded every day by images of foods that no human should be eating. I fell by the wayside, challenged by modern life and all its frustrations. I continued on my merry way doing what I had always done. Her book remains the most important work about endometriosis that has ever been published, in my opinion. It started me on a quest that has now come to fruition.

Then, by chance, I changed jobs. I found a position in a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU), where I cared for patients undergoing open heart surgeries, many of whom had suffered heart attacks. In these recent years I have learned lessons so profound that I wish all of you could spend just a day seeing. The devastation of the modern human existence is shocking, and the way in which people have suffered shocked me also. It led me to try to understand, why now more than ever, we are falling sick and dying in such massive numbers. I see every day people dying slowly, painfully and torturously. The diseases I see are never solitary. Cardiac disease so rarely appears on its own. It is usually accompanied by diabetes, peripheral vascular disease, cancer, obesity, hypertension and high cholestesterol. I spent countless hours reading and watching documentaries to see what it was that was decimating populations more than any other generation. I happened to come across four documentaries that changed my life, and countless other lives, forever. All of a sudden, all the dots became connected and the answers came into sharp focus. (All of these documentaries can be found on Netflix, You Tube and Amazon.)

The first time I watched Forks Over Knives I cried. So profoundly moved by it I was that when it was over, I turned back to the beginning and I watched it again. And the following night I watched it again. Since then I must have seen it in excess of 30 times. I must know it by heart now, but every time its impact is never lessened. I knew that in this work the answer was staring me in the face. Doing what I do for a living, I watched this and put two and two together. We have but one body, and so thinking of a disease as isolated and individual is a mistake. Multiple diseases happen to our one body because of weaknesses and flaws in our immune system, and this is caused by poor diet and inadequate nutrition, as well as environmental pollution. Whether it be cardiac disease, diabetes or endometriosis, we are being poisoned by our diet and environment. In order to escape disease we must be radical about what we put in or near our bodies. There is so much material that is covered in this documentary that it is easier for you to go and watch it than for me to go into great detail. The work of Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Dr. T. Colin Campbell speaks for itself.

The second documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, was just as moving. So simplistic was its point that it was almost like a lightning bolt going off. One man with an autoimmune disease that had been making him miserable for years, travels across America for 60 days living on nothing but pure juice. The people he meets along the way, and the impact he has on them, is simply stunning. The change for the good that one man can instigate got me thinking. I must share this information with others, so as to give them a chance to heal too. After years of taking Prednisone, Joe Cross is now off all medication and his disease is in complete remission.

Then I saw The Gerson Therapy, back to back with Dying To Have Known, about the work of Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Dr. Max Gerson who was purported to have found the cure for cancer but has been silenced by the medical establishment for nearly a century. Many, many cases of people being healed following hopeless diagnoses...all of them.

So, what has this got to do with Endometriosis, you may ask. Endometriosis is of unknown origin, but I strongly suspect its roots lie in environmental factors and hormone disruption from the environment. Just like any other chronic disease it causes devastation to its sufferers and there is no cure. Endometriosis at times behaves like cancer. If nutrition can cure cancer then surely it can have a similar affect on endometriosis. This disease has knocked me to my knees. Its devastation and relentlessness are almost impossible to bear at times. There is no relief...no answer. What follows is often desperation and despair. Some people use drugs, some alcohol, some food, to find a way of solace through the suffering. None of these things give lasting relief, and often exacerbate the problem, but the temptation to escape the pain and fatigue is like the siren's call. I am as guilty as all of us for turning to the wrong things when life gets tough, but I will say that when I eat real food I feel better. When I eat crap, I feel like crap. It's pretty foolproof and this never changes. To me that's just evidence.

I suffer from crippling fatigue where I can barely breathe or lift my arms in the air. I suffer from terrible mood swings, PMS and food cravings. I have terrible uterine and back pain as well as pain in my hips. I have multiple GI issues. The list goes on. I'm exhausted from the relentlessness of it all. It never stops, never gives me respite. I can track the day of my cycle by the symptoms. The so-called treatments all come with a price. I cannot take synthetic hormones because they make me very sick. I am too terrified of Lupron to try it. Hysterectomy scares me because it may make things worse in many ways and there's no way to reverse it. So what can I do? The only control I have is nutrition. I have started juicing every day and attempt to eat way more fruits and vegetables. I have not eaten red meat in a few years and will probably never do so again. I stopped eating cheese except in very small amounts. I stopped buying milk. Endometriosis is incurable and so I must learn to accept that it will continue to ravage my body forever, but that there are steps that I can take to minimize the damage and suffering. There is no doubt that my last surgery helped me. There was extensive damage that needed to be repaired. But my issues are mainly hormonal and that can't be fixed with surgery. I reject hysterectomy and oophrectomy because of their profound effect on hormones.

There is one common thread through all of these works....food. The wrong food causes disease and the right food heals it. The answer is not in a drug, that will make you so sick from side effects you won't remember why you started taking it. It's not from a surgery that may cause you more complications than you started with. There's no magic pill or cure. The answer is food. It's on your plate.

So I urge you, fellow sufferers, educate yourselves. Watch these documentaries, and read Dian Shepperson Mills' book. Cut out animal proteins from your diet, and eat fresh organic produce. It's the absolute best thing you can do for your body. As well as helping your Endometriosis symptoms you may even be able to avoid other chronic diseases too.


Forks Over Knives official site Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead official site The Gerson Therapy official site Watch Dying To Have Known for free

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