It is incredibly important for me to share this information. Over the past few years, I have learned a lot about this disease, its treatments, its ramifications, and its affect on my life and the lives of others. Not many women are as fortunate as me. I view myself as lucky and priviledged. I have great insurance, a good job with an understanding boss, medical knowledge and understanding, and website building skills. Not everyone is that fortunate. Why not use some of that to help other people? I have amassed a library of articles, links and books and think I have a good all-round understanding of what needs to be done in order to get as close to a cure as I can get. I feel that someone needed to collate this information and form it into a reference point so that the truth can be accessed by anyone inquiring about the best way to get treatment. Mostly, I discovered this myself the hard way....looking around on the internet, reading about other people's experiences and making my own mistakes.


In my opinion, in this land of plenty and modern medical advances, endometriosis care is sadly lacking. There is great knowledge among the specialists, but why, in this huge country, are there so few specialists actually practising excision techniques? Why are the majority of doctors allowed to fob off their patients with ineffective and expensive medications, knowing the awful side effects of those medications may have on their patients? Worse still, are the thousands of laparoscopies performed every year on endometriosis sufferers, that not only do not cure the disease or its symptoms, but actually make them worse? We are like lambs to the slaughter, trusting our doctors to do the right thing, and then discovering to our horror, that our best interests are not at heart, and that a lifetime of pain and suffering looms before us.


If I can make one woman demand the proper treatment, and encourage her to stand up and request what she wants and feels is right for her body, if just one woman picks up a book and learns about her disease enough to make the right choices, then I will have fulfilled my objective. Don't just sit there and let this disease happen to you. Take control, read, learn, and make decisions that will effect your future for the positive. If any doctor tries to fob you off with inferior care, or attempts to press you to take hormones that will make you sick, or pretends that inferior surgical techniques are the best way, then find another doctor! Only you can be your best advocate!


Be strong, arm yourself with knowledge, and be pain free! Thank you for spending time on this site. I hope it was useful.