What You Should Know


Before you make any decisions about your next step in treatment, there are some things you need to know. NEVER take a drug or undertake surgery without fully understanding the implications. Always do your own research. Read constantly. If you understand the facts and accept the risk, and still want to try it, then fine, but NOT knowing and then discovering things have gone wrong, can be very damaging indeed.


What You SHOULD Do


  • Get your insurance in order NOW. Do not approach a doctor until you are absolutely sure that your insurance will cover you to see an Endometriosis Excision specialist. They may be out of network or out of state, and you do not want to be diagnosed with endo and then be refused coverage for a pre-exisiting condition. Remember, once you are diagnosed you will then have a pre-existing condition that insurance companies might not be willing to cover you. It may take some time but it's worth the wait. If you have to change jobs then do so now. Endo is not going to get better and it's not going to go away so you need to start making provisions and insurance is your absolute #1 priority. It's worth noting here that some Endometriosis Specialists do not accept insurance, in which case start saving!


  • Arm yourself with information. Read everything you can. Understand the disease and the way it works, what works and what doesn't, before you start anything. It will save you months, maybe even years of mistakes and pain.


  • If you have had a previous surgery with a regular non-specialist OBGYN, get photos from the surgery and a copy of your medical records. If you have already been diagnosed with endometriosis this is invaluable. Many specialists will do evaluations of your medical records for free, and consider accepting you as a patient without a previous appointment because of them. It doesn't matter what the OBGYN said about your disease, or what he staged it at....he could be wrong (and most likely is). The specialist will completely re-evaluate you when he operates on you, but these reports will help him decide what kind of surgery to expect.


  • Change your diet. NOW. Do not wait. Cut out all junk, alcohol, soda (even diet) and sugar and refined carbohydrates. Eat pure organic foods, lean proteins and drink water. Read "Endometriosis: A Key to Healing Through Nutrition" by Dian Shepperson Mills



  • Start using Natural Progesterone Cream, as advocated by Dr. John Lee, the renowned expert on bioidentical hormones. Read "Natural Progesterone: The Multiple Roles of a Remarkable Hormone" by John R. Lee (see link below)

  • You can buy the purest and best natural progesterone oil from womhoo. You will also receive some very infomrative and educational material with your order. Buy here: www.womhoo.com



  • If you are a woman in the last 15 years before menopause (called pre-menopause), your hormones are fluctuating. If you have Endometriosis, you will probably have a condition called estrogen dominance. This doesn't happen because you have too much Estrogen, but because with each menstrual cycle you are releasing fewer and fewer eggs. If you fail to release an egg, then you do not get the natural release of progesterone that occurs with it. The balance between estrogen and progesterone is very finite and minute. Not enough progesterone allows estrogen to run unopposed. Already knowing that endometriosis is an estrogen-fed disease, you can start to see where this is going. Estrogen dominance can cause a whole host of problems, from anxiety, breast tenderness, cyclical headaches or migraines, depression, digestive issues, fuzzy thinking, palpitations, PMS, food cravings, irregular bleeding, water retention, weight gain to Endometriosis and Breast Cancer. This doesn't necessarily cause endo, but it exacerbates it as the estrogen is an irritant and a fuel to the disease. Breast cancer is also estrogen-fed, so can also be exacerbated by excess estrogen. Progesterone cream is in perfect harmony with your body's natural hormones (hence the term bio-identical), and will retore your progesterone balance.



What You Should NOT Do


  • Do not take Lupron or any other kind of synthetic hormones! Read, research and ask questions FIRST!


  • Do not let an inexperienced OBGYN operate on you. Find an excision specialist!